UL Create Web Demo -  Build Something Great with UL Create

Technology Demo


Join Sean Gallo, Senior Product Specialist at UL, to learn how easy and efficient it is to build your own custom courseware using UL Create, our new cloud-based self-authoring tool.   

UL's latest technology tool helps organizations quickly and efficiently build professional e-Learning courses with an easy to use cloud-based platform.  With UL Create, you can build your own courses or collaborate on projects with other team members and subject matter experts.   Designed from the ground up for ease of use and rapid deployment, UL Create breaks new ground by bringing courseware creation to the masses. 

Need to quickly deploy customized courses?  With UL Create, you can take select courses from UL's extensive library and customize them to reflect your company's unique branding and messaging.  There is no faster way to building a professionally designed and customized course for your company's training needs.