Veeva Connector for ComplianceWire

The UL team, with Veeva’s support, has developed an integration tool that embeds governance best practices into the DMS to LMS integration.

The tool, CWConnector, leverages Vault’s Public APIs to enable the integration between the Veeva QualityDocs document management system and UL’s ComplianceWire learning management system. CWConnector updates the corresponding “training item” for any document stored in QualityDocs.

The LMS administrator can define training rules, such as including training items in a curriculum, adding a retraining period, adding a quiz, etc.

When the learner receives the training item assignment, he or she clicks a link that “displays” the actual electronic file that resides in Vault QualityDocs.


  • Integrate SOP documents with related training items in real-time
  • Eliminate the administrative effort needed to build and maintain SOP training items in ComplianceWire
  • Automatically detect document and metadata changes made in Vault QualityDocs
  • Ensure that all document activities are logged in detailed audit trails

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