Knowledge and Skills Assessment

As part of an employee or contractor qualification process, it's critical that quality assurance teams and qualified personnel capture the skills and knowledge of every individual.

Assessments can take many forms. QA teams or supervisors may need to observe individuals in the production environment, or understand the depth of each individual's job function knowledge. These assessments are often done while observing an employee in the actual production environment.

Similarly, sales and service managers need to gauge the competency levels of an individual to identify "skill gaps" and also measure an individual's ratings for advancement opportunities.

Our Enterprise Learning Management System (ELMS) features several assessment tools that capture mentoring observations and skills knowledge. These assessments can be used as:

  • Surveys
  • Self-based skill assessments
  • Competency Tests
  • Online Exams
  • Onsite Mentoring Observations

These assessment tools provide these benefits:

  • Capture feedback and knowledge from individuals as part of an employee transcript
  •  Reduce the need to deliver and store paper-based forms
  •  Make assessments part of a continuous learning and development experience, as these items can be saved within existing qualification curricula