Competency Management Tools

UL competency management solutions combine real-world expertise with innovative technology, so that companies can drive professional growth opportunities for all employee levels, from the shop floor to the executive floor.

We surround our cutting-edge applications with expertise so that clients gain a long-term, sustainable solution. Our Advisory Solutions team has helped clients build an operational skills framework that is based on seven proven steps for identifying and defining skills.

The UL Enterprise Learning Management System then enables companies to fulfill this skills development framework into everyday employee and manager functions, driving performance and revenue. 

Our Competency Management tools provide streamlined appraisal and "skill gap" tools so that managers can continuously discuss performance goals with direct reports -- to ensure that goals match departmental objectives. These tools provide easy access to key information at the appropriate level for executives, administrators, managers and employees - this in turn enables managers to track the progress of competency growth and performance goals. Competency Management tools can be easily integrated and configured to match your organization's specific processes, which reduce development time and costs.

Unlike other talent and learning systems, the platform provides the flexibility for companies to standardize organization’s learning & development across all areas: sales, operations, R&D, quality, and more. You can manage both "universal" competency programs of HR and also the technical skill programs managed by operations, production, facilities, and much more.

This ensures a single, powerful view into an individual's readiness ratings, comparative profiles, level of potential, and overall performance over time.