Medical Device

Creating customizable eLearning solutions to help medical device manufacturers’ achieve a compliant journey to the healthcare marketplace

In every aspect of the medical device technology industry, government regulation consistently plays a leading role in any action.

With that comes unique challenges for individuals and organizations in this industry – particularly when it comes to training and developing compliant employees, products and services.

In tandem, it is also a fast-paced industry with fluctuating regulations set amidst the ongoing concern about FDA and other global regulatory industry warnings.

The most cost-effective and efficient methodology to maintain compliance within this tightly regulated market is to be armed with an arsenal of personalized employee education, which can be revised as warranted by product development and changing regulatory guidelines.

UL is a premier global independent safety science company which has championed marketplace progress for 120 years. Our mission is to provide the training tool technology, content and professional support to help clients optimize their valuable business assets.

More than a decade ago, the FDA adopted our ComplianceWire® learning and regulatory platform to train their employees to achieve investigator proficiency in a variety of compliance categories.

Through a CRADA, the FDA uses UL’s ComplianceWire®

learning platform and regulatory courses to train its 36,000 investigators.


Learn more about UL’s CRADA with the FDA

Our compliance training solutions integrate four critical components designed to protect and optimize medical device enterprises—from global industry leaders to privately-held entrepreneurial start-ups:

Employee eLearning - Peruse our proprietary library of more than 200 edit-friendly, technically-sound and mobile-ready eLearning courses designed specifically for the Life Sciences industry.

Our medical device training courses use the approach proven most effective for adult learners – interaction through simulations, exercises, and workshops. Most importantly, your learners will be able to apply what they have learned as soon as they return to work.

How to prepare for the new ISO 13485:2016 Medical Device Regulation

Enterprise LMS (ELMS) - Our UL Enterprise LMS web-based employee training, performance and development platform, powered by ComplianceWire®, specifically supports medical device and Life Sciences organizations using a highly configurable, role-based Adaptive UX.

It enables companies to achieve compliance and quality and build a path to higher performance, as executed by talent management, operations, sales, and other business units.

ComplianceWire® recorded nearly 50 million training completions in 2017,


serving users in more than 100 countries.


Scott Barnard, Director, PURE Learning, shares his perspective on the critical role of the LMS.

UL Create - UL’s self-authoring tool puts you in control of training program design, content and updates helping you tailor courseware that speaks specifically to your company’s users and learning goals.

Professional Services - Professional Services delivers far more than LMS implementation; we partner with U.S. and global medical technology clients to help them define, develop, implement and measure successful and sustainable learning programs in a regulated environment.

Maximize the Benefits of UL’s Unique Partnership with the FDA

Through our longtime union with the FDA, our clients have direct access to


 the benefits of this unique relationship.


In today’s complex and ever-changing regulatory atmosphere, medical device companies from around the world trust UL PURE™ Learning to help navigate the road to achieving:

  • Quality assurance (QA)
  • Outstanding employee performance
  • Regulatory compliance

We welcome an opportunity to address your company’s employee learning and compliance goals.

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