The status quo of providing the same cookie-cutter training to all employees--regardless of job roles or experience--is over.


UL Create is cloud-based, giving access to learners working across the hall or around the globe. Users can access  the same course at the same time or individually at their own pace.

Rapid deployment is assured by using our one-click publishing feature. The intuitive design speeds delivery by creating one course for all platforms and devices, allowing remote/field personnel full access from any location 24/7.

After your course is finalized, use one-click publishing to ComplianceWire ® or download the AICC course files and upload them to an AICC-compliant LMS to reach to your targeted learners.

Learn more about ComplianceWire®, UL’s fully-validated knowledge and LMS.

Using Amazon Web Services for Content Delivery Network, your courses can be delivered worldwide to locations near global learners to ensure an optimal learning experience.

Hosting & Delivery Features

  • Cloud-based
  • One-click publishing to CW
  • Content delivery network (CDN) via Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • AICC compliant

There is no time wasted in transferring files and getting files ready for publishing.

Also great for smaller organizations who don’t have the IT infrastructure to support publishing complexities.

Whether your organization is a global pharmaceutical powerhouse or up-and-coming medical device start-up, UL’s Create can help you produce highly tailored, responsive employee training. Starting now.

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