UL Create delivers fast and customized version management, a comprehensive UL PURE Learning content library and administrative capabilities which can be tailored and updated to meet your needs.

All users can access the entire library, unless they are restricted. Administrators have complete oversight and control over their content creation and collaboration in Create.

  • Only designated administrators can publish training programs and the specified course approvers must document final sign-off prior to publication.
  • Administrators can manage users’ content access at any time.
  • A Content Specialist role provides restricted course library access, safeguarding your company’s entire course library.



Content Management Features

  • Account-wide shared UL Pure Learning training program library and company created content
  • In product preview of your courses saves time for content management
  • Administrator user controls and permissions
  • Versioning capabilities
  • Create stores published courses to allow you to review and duplicate a previously published version

The close integration with ComplianceWire® facilitates seamless version control and give users added insight about the course they are publishing.

ComplianceWire® is the LMS trusted for use by the FDA.

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