UL Create is a collaborative authoring platform empowering eLearning subject matter experts to share training content in an easy-to-use format for novice and senior authors.


Create’s proprietary cloud-based software provides real-time updates, remote team authoring, multi-location collaboration, prompt approval workflow and in-product preview.

These tools empower training course designers to work together efficiently, regardless of their location.

Collaborative Theme Features

  • Subject matter experts (SMEs) and design teams from different offices/geographic areas can review and make changes online.
  • Team-based content development; empowering contributors to work on the same course simultaneously.
  • Authors have the flexibility to work on separate sections of the course and all updates will be seen by others in real-time.
  • Team members can be assigned various roles--approvers, contributors, reviewers and content specialists--and review progress anytime, anywhere.

Approval workflow progress can be reviewed in the application by multiple team members and collaborative comments can be added.

If you and your team have an Internet connection, you can log-in and contribute. It’s that easy.

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