Are You a ComplianceWire Professional?

As a ComplianceWire administrator, you are part of a community of learning and compliance professionals who are always seeking to identify best practices related to the platform.

UL PURE Learning is offering a ComplianceWire Pro Training Event, directly preceding the 2018 Knowledge Summit, in which we provide hands-on demonstrations of key features and real-world use cases. You'll learn tools, tips and tricks to make the most of your ComplianceWire experience. Certified users are recognized for having a deeper knowledge of the system, and the benefit of being informed on the best practices that are working among our many clients.

Event Details:

Dates: October 15-17, 2018

Location: Sheraton Society Hill, Philadelphia PA

Benefits to Your Organization From Your ComplianceWire Training:

  • More efficient learning programs with automation of user group criteria, recurring assignments and more
  • Satisfy managers and auditors by delivering required information quickly, with intelligently structuring curricula and user groups
  • Demonstrate teams' compliance status and developmental opportunities by providing more visibility to managers
  • Streamline essential functions such as monitoring on-the-job activities, assessments, surveys and acknowledgments (conflicts of interest, etc.) by taking advantage of optional online tools (Exam Creator, Forms)
There are two training options available:

In addition, we will be holding a  Validation Workshop on Wednesday, October 17th from 9:00am - 12:00pm EST.  The ComplianceWire Pro Training is immediately followed by our 2018 Knowledge Summit, a complimentary customer event. We hope you'll stay and join us!

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